StreamGeeks - EP 24 - Can Live Streaming Save Small Business? [Video]

January 31, 2018

I really do believe that live streaming and social media may have the power to help defend our country's small businesses against tech giants like Amazon and Walmart! I love small businesses and I just finished producing a beautiful, television quality, Facebook Live broadcast for a local retail store. Most small businesses, especially those in the boutique retail space, do not have time to think about producing videos, much less broadcasting live. In fact, the owner of Old Soul Decor, Krystal Reinhard, pictured below, did not even have a YouTube account when I first asked her about doing a free pro-bono broadcast for her company.


Old Soul Decor is located just a few doors down from our office in downtown West Chester and Krystal explained to me that she knows they should live streaming but it's difficult to find the time. Like many other small businesses, Reinhard has a dedicated following on Facebook with over 1,000 likes on her page, a social media feat she is proud of.


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