The StreamGeeks’s Podcast

EP 1 - SEASON 2 - Our Live Streaming Studio Lighting Setup

July 9, 2018

This week we review the lighting setup that has evolved over the years to incorporate 3-point lighting for each one of our guests plus we have added some very nice "atmospheric lighting". Our lighting system includes six cameras from DRACAST that are all LED which keeps our studio cool and well lit. But what do not currently have is actual DMX control over our studio lights. Therefore each show we have to manually turn on each light and angle the lights for the set we in.

We are now adding Chauvet DJs lights to our system and felt it was time to start using DMX controls with our studio lights. So this week we reviewing our LED studio lighting before we jump into our new setup for Season 2. When it comes to lighting it's all about color temperature and setting up your lights to complement your cameras. Each camera angle will capture light in a different way so testing your camera angles with your lighting setup is always a good idea.

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